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The 4 Major Benefits Of Clean Carpets Within Your Business Place

Have you ever considered the benefits of fantastically clean carpets in your place of work? I doubt it. Who does? Well, depending on the line of business you’re in, you may not give the carpet in your environment much thought. The reality however, is carpets can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Commercial carpet cleaning is a very important aspect of your operation, and a professional carpet clean can help you to keep your good reputation intact.
How can carpets have such a big impact on your business? After all, it’s merely a surface that people walk across day in and day out. But carpet affects much more than just your feet. Here are just a few big benefits of a commercial carpet cleaning:

1 First Impressions Really Count

That old adage ‘First Impressions Count’ really is true. In our every day lives we judge people, places, businesses on that very first meeting or experience. I’m sure you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you’ve walked into an unfamiliar restaurant, may be when you’ve been on holiday or out of town on business,  and you look around to see dirty tables, and grubby carpets, and that feeling of ‘eww, what must the kitchen be like’ suddenly dawns on you. And, if you’re like me you’ve immediately turned around and walked straight out again.

Well, if you have customers coming in and out of your door all day long, you better believe it that plenty of them are noticing the condition of their surroundings, including the floor. A stained or grubby carpet can imply that the rest of the place is also dirty, or that you simply aren’t bothered enough to stay on top of the appearance of your business. From offices to doctor’s surgeries to restaurants to estate agents, customers might have doubts about the cleanliness of your entire business and your ability to serve them, which will absolutely affect first impressions, your reputation, and repeat business.


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2 Looking After Your Investment

Any business expense is carefully considered and budgeted for. Often the cost of fixtures and fittings is thoroughly scrutinised by the budget holder to ensure the business gets good value for money. So when you think about the cost, and time of selecting the right carpets for your business space, you should really consider how long they will last if properly maintained, after all you don’t want to go through this process anytime soon if the items you’ve purchased don’t last because of neglect. Regular carpet cleaning not only helps maintain the like-new appearance by removing dirt and stains, it also preserves the big investment you have made in this major purchase. Ideally, you’ve made a thoughtful carpet purchase for your business that is capable of withstanding normal wear and tear, and with regular professional carpet cleaning, it will help support it’s longevity.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

3 A Healthy Environment = A Healthy Workforce

People who work in a corporate environment are likely to spend more time there than in their own homes. Whether your business is populated with offices, or public spaces or both, the goal should be to keep employees healthy – and providing a clean carpet is one way to make that happen. The deep-down dirt within the carpet fibres gets extracted, meaning allergens, dander, dust mites, and more unmentionables are eliminated too. Plus, professional cleaning helps reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and mould. Regular carpet cleaning means a much healthier working environment. Most offices have a maintenance manager, in house cleaners or an outsourced cleaning service. These are great at cleaning toilets, dusting desks and vacuuming carpets, but when it comes to proper carpet cleaning, they often fall short, and in many cases are simply not trained to carry out this work. Office and industrial carpets pick up an enormous amount of dirt through continued foot traffic, not to mention stains from coffee, tea, ink and food. Surprisingly, or not, some members of staff don’t take the same care at work that they take in their own homes. Without proper professional carpet cleaning, office carpets can also become home to a range of parasites, including fleas, lice and skin mites. Only a fully trained professional carpet cleaner can guarantee the deep clean necessary to restore your carpets to pristine condition.

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4 Improve on What You Have

In our experience we have noticed, time and time again, that people are creatures of habit. No matter the size and layout of you business premises, employees, clients and customers will walk the same paths repeatedly. These habits make it really difficult to maintain a uniform carpet appearance. High-traffic areas become highly visible and, if you’ve had the same carpet for a number of years it can begin to wear away in these areas. Professional carpet cleaning can help restore the natural, clean appearance of your carpets, and improve their texture from all the tamping down and abuse they take.

In most commercial environments, carpet is the number one floor covering. Whilst you may have regular cleaning teams pushing a vacuum around daily, this alone will not be sufficient.  The power of a vacuum cannot compare to the power of a professional grade extractor and that is why many businesses invest in regular professional carpet cleaning contracts. A DIY carpet clean of your office, shop, nursery puts your business at risk of water-logged floors that could wind up full of mould. Leave your carpet needs to us. Carpet Wizzard are happy to take on your commercial carpet cleaning needs, no matter what type of business you operate and no matter what size. Allow us to preserve your carpet, and more importantly your reputation.



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Trusted Local Cleaners


“Service with integrity”

Have you ever searched the internet or skimmed through local advertising magazines searching for ‘the right’ carpet cleaner? Do you go with the company who advertise the almost ‘too good to be true’ offer? Do you go with the company that scares you into booking with them by showing you images of nasty bugs and telling you how dirty your home must be? It’s a bit of a minefield, isn’t it?

Well, now you don’t have to. Trusted Local Cleaners is the first online directory specifically to find trusted, carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning professionals local to you.

Unfortunately, the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry is unregulated, meaning that absolutely anyone can buy a cleaning machine and advertise themselves as a professional cleaner, with no training, no insurance and no idea of the damage they can cause! We understand that finding a trusted, local cleaner may be difficult, so that’s why all Trusted Local Cleaners are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), the only UK trade association for carpet and upholstery cleaners.

As proud members of the NCCA, Carpet Wizzard work hard to achieve, in all areas, the principle objectives of the NCCA, this being the establishment and maintenance of minimum standards within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, with the dual aim of safeguarding the reputation of the industry and protecting its customers.

“Ongoing Regular Training”

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning training

To be a member of the NCCA, Carpet Wizzard had to undertake the NCCA Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Training and pass the associated examinations.  These training courses offer a thorough grounding in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning. This ensures that all Trusted Local Cleaners have essential knowledge for the safe and effective cleaning of carpets and fabrics.

Alongside recognised training qualifications, all Trusted Local Cleaners are required to have adequate insurance to cover them in the event of a problem or accident. Public Liability insurance is also integral.

Members, such as Carpet Wizzard are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, which covers such specifics as fair pricing, service, complaints procedures, liability and consumer protection, and is designed to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. We take this very seriously and therefore have our own policy of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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“Our 5 Star Reviews on TLC are great”


After already having the carpets cleaned by another unknown contractor they were not up to the standard we wanted. Mike and Michelle were called in at very short notice and they cleaned and deodorised the carpets and left them like new. Brilliant service and price couldn’t ask for anymore. Sopranos !!!

Dave Murray on 08/08/2017


“Great service – Karndean looks like new”

Mike and Michelle delivered a great customer experience. After a competitive quote the service date was quickly arranged and confirmed a couple of days before (always comforting considering this was a bigger job).
Our Karndean oak style floor looked rather worn out after 6 years of heavy use, but the stripping and re-sealing process worked a treat and it shines like new now!
Carpet on the stairs also quickly cleaned and brought back to live along the way.
Overall a very pleasant professional experience from a highly recommended company.

Michael on 03/08/2017

Karndean floor cleaning and sealing


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Carpet Wizzard – Specialist Floor Care, sharing tips on how to avoid ruining your carpets


Carpeting your home can be a costly experience. Choosing the style, colour and fibres can have you chopping and changing your mind, causing the odd family dispute. Once you’ve made the decision, you have the energy zapping task of emptying each room of furniture ready for the fitters. Fitting day arrives, and it looks and feels amazing, dancing bare foot has never felt so good.

With proper care your new carpets can last for at least 10 years. However, there are many things that can shorten its lifespan, and many bad habits that can actually ruin it.

Things to avoid

Not Vacuuming Regularly

We all lead busy lives, and its not unusual that peoples housework is not always top of their to do list. Daily vacuuming is unrealistic, but if vacuuming is not done at least twice a week, then it will only be a matter of time before you ruin your carpets. Dirt will find its way deep down into the fibres and embed itself in your carpet if you do not vacuum regularly. This will cause the carpet fibres to fray, and gradual holes may appear, they may also develop permanent dark spots.

Walking Barefooted On Your Carpet

Like most people, you probably remove your shoes as soon as you enter your home, after all you don’t want to tread dirt, mud or worse through your home. However, walking barefooted on your carpet can cause serious damage to it. Wearing shoes during the day can create a moist environment for your tootsies. The moisture from your feet can transfer on to your carpets, causing a bit of a pong, which will ultimately causes bacteria to breed. Additionally, foot creams and lotions that you may use are also bad for your carpets if you walk bare foot around the home. So, the best solution is to always wear slippers. You’ve been warned!!

Using deodorising powders

Deodorising powders are great at helping your carpets smell good, however, and here’s the bad news, they’re not very good for your carpets. They have a tendency to build up over time and the average household vacuum will struggle to pick up this residue. Keeping your carpets fresh by having them professionally cleaned annually should negate the need for these types of products. [Carpet Wizzard]      

DIY carpet cleaning

Many people think that using a DIY carpet cleaner or steam cleaner every few months is the best way to keep their carpets looking clean. They may also think that if they have a go themselves regularly, then there is no need for professional cleaning. However, this is without doubt a sure-fire way to damage your carpets.

It is not necessary to clean your carpets every few months. Your carpets only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. If cleaned too often your carpet is likely to wrinkle, and could then require stretching by a professional carpet fitter, and additional cost you really don’t need. Furthermore, using a steam cleaner can cause damage to certain carpets if you do not know the carpets structure/fibre or how to properly use the cleaner effectively.

Pets and carpets, a recipe for disaster haha!!

All pet owners probably feel the same. Our pets are considered a part of the family. The joy of pet ownership however, can sometimes come at a price when the little darlings have the occasional accident. Sharing your home with a pet can mean a constant battle to keep things such as carpets and upholstery clean and tidy. There are numerous things you can do to minimise the mess and here are few tips:

  • If getting new carpets, choose a pile which is well-suited to pets. Twist carpet has a low pile which is easier to clean, while a loop carpet can be easily snagged by your pet’s claws.
  • Have your carpets stain protected. This will buy you a little time when dealing with ‘little accidents’ making the clean up operation much easier.
  • Consider the colour of your carpet in relation to the colour of your pet. Pick a shade that will disguise pet hair, rather than allowing it to stand out.
  • Groom your pet regularly. This will pick up a lot of the loose hair that could otherwise find its way onto your carpet, creating a long lasting doggy odour.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. This stops the dirt from building up and prevents it from finding its way to deep within the pile of the carpet.
  • Pet hair and dirt isn’t just confined to your carpets, so vacuuming your upholstery as well as your carpets regularly will be a big help.
  • Get your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. This not only keeps them looking great but keeps them sanitised a free from bacteria for longer.

Don’t Ignore Spots

Over time your carpets can develop spots and stains. Don’t ignore them. You should attempt to remove these as soon as possible. Spots will only get worse the longer you leave them. Furthermore, the longer the stain sits, the harder it will be for you to remove it. Blot the spill with a white towel or kitchen paper and never scrub to remove the spot. Hard scrubbing will cause the stain to go deeper into the carpet. It will also ruin the fibres of the carpet. Also, avoid shop remedies as they can often set the stain or even bleach your carpets.

Call a professional for advice. Here at Carpet Wizzard we are always happy to help, call us on 01329 311000.



British home owners disclose their dirty habits.


It’s that time of year again – spring has sprung. Gone are the gloomy days (well at least for now) and we can now enjoy the return of the sunshine glowing through the window. The trouble is, with the suns return comes the need to address a few issues around the home that we’ve been putting off. The sunshine has this terrible habit of highlighting the need to get the duster out a bit more often; it seems to shine a spotlight on each shiny surface showing you the error of your ways.

Unsurprisingly, the dust around the home isn’t always visible, and often it’s the dirt and grime we can’t see that’s doing us the most damage.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association [] has recently conducted a Spring Clean Survey, asking the British public some rather interesting questions.

Here are some of the results:


70% of people surveyed admitted to treading mud (amongst other things) into the home. I wonder how many of those 70% got the vacuum out straight away to remove those soil’s? Maybe they thought I’ll let it dry, it’ll vacuum better when it’s dry. Or perhaps they thought, it’s time to get my carpets professionally cleaned to remove all that bacteria and soil, after all I let my children crawl around on that carpet.



Ahh, the 5 second rule.  Apparently 51% of people surveyed, admitted to eating something they’d dropped on the floor in their home. Well, that’s not a problem if you vacuum daily and have your carpets/hard floors professionally cleaned once a year is it? Although I hope these 51% are not part of the 70% included in the question above, yuk!



This is a tricky one for me. Do you or don’t you take your shoes off when you visit someone’s home? On the one hand I don’t want to make a mess in someone’s home, but on the other hand, I don’t want anyone to see that my socks don’t match hehe! Interestingly, 40% of people surveyed considered it rude if visitors didn’t remove their shoes when visiting their home.



It seems those surveyed were a fit bunch. 2 in 5 said they’d worked up a sweat and exercised on the carpet,  whilst a quarter owned up to having sex on the floor of their home. I wonder how many of this saucy bunch took their shoes off first? Well it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!




As clean and tidy as we’d all like to think our homes are, we now know that there are lots of things lurking deep within the fibres of our carpets. As already mentioned there could well be soil, bodily fluids and even dog poo, trodden in to your carpet. So it’s quite surprising that over a quarter of people surveyed said that they’d changed their baby’s nappy on the carpet.


And finally, it’s not just our carpets and floor that are subject to daily abuse, but also our furniture. A whopping 70% of people revealed that they rest on the sofa when they are unwell (sweating buckets into the fabric no doubt) and 37% even had accidents with blood, urine and vomit being spilt on their often costly upholstery. You’d like to think these people would have called in a professional to sanitise their furnishings wouldn’t you?  Strangely this is not always the case.



I started this blog talking about spring and how it makes us feel around the home. Maybe with the results of this survey highlighting what takes place in many of our homes, it really is time for a good spring clean.! If you’re like me, this annual ritual strikes fear and dread in your heart. Don’t worry, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary, but it is something we should all do. It’s not just about cleaning blinds and dusting the skirting boards, though doing these things is great. It’s about sanitising your homes and making them not only beautiful, but healthy for your families. You can use spring cleaning as a prompt to schedule household maintenance and call in professionals to do the difficult, yet necessary tasks. Having your carpets, hard floors and upholstery professionally cleaned every 12- 18 months is not only recommended by carpet and upholstery manufacturers, but is simply a must in order to keep a healthy home. Carpet cleaning may not have been something you were thinking of having done in your home, but it could well be at the top of your to do list now. Look no further. Carpet Wizzard are insured and fully trained and accredited by the NCCA. For information on our unbeatable carpet and upholstery cleaning service call Mike or Michelle on 01329 311000 or complete our contact form on our website

Understanding Why Your Carpets Get So Dirty (Even When They Look Clean)

Stain Removal

Carpet Soiling

The soiling of floor coverings is an inevitable fact of life.  Whatever the environment, floor covering materials are affected by both contact and airborne soiling.  Soiling cannot always be identified easily and, with a pile material like a carpet, hidden soiling can be much greater than the visible soil.

Categories of Soiling

Soil within carpet is categorised as either ‘airborne’ or ‘contact’.  Airborne soil is only a minor source of contamination estimated to represent 15% of total soil.  Much more important is contact soiling.  The majority of contact soiling is foot borne which represents some 80% of soiling by weight. The remaining 5% is caused by spillage and internal soiling distributed within the building.

Types of Soiling

Dry Solids: These vary from dust to granular material and include debris such as fragments of paper, fibres etc. This material can normally be removed  by regular vacuum cleaning.

Sticky materials: These include particulates containing oil, grease or other sticky substances which are more difficult to remove and will require periodic professional cleaning, by a local trusted and trained company such as CARPET WIZZARD.

Wet Soil: This is usually associated with entrances and is a combination of dry solids and sticky materials. It is mostly carried into the building on shoe soles on wet days. Because wet soil is borne by the water into the pile, it becomes firmly attached to the fibres and is difficult to remove.

Stains: These represent a small proportion of soiling, but can be highly coloured so that carpets become ’dyed’ as well as soiled. Stains should be dealt with promptly. We at Carpet Wizzard recommend the following:

1. For alcohol, coffee, tea, liquid foods and urine. Blot up surplus spillage. Use just water initially, work from the outer edge of the stain inwards, using a little at a time, blotting up with dry cloths frequently. If this approach has not achieved the results you require we suggest the use of a specialist spotter (available to all Carpet Wizzard customers for FREE).

2. Chocolate, sweets, blood, glue, egg, ice cream, milk, soft drinks and vomit. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife. Here it is very important to use the correct solution or you run the risk of making the stain much worse. Do NOT use shop bought ‘miracle’ carpet cleaning solutions, these often remove the colour from fibres and in some cases can set the stain, making it more difficult for you, or even a professional to deal with. Give Carpet Wizzard a call, we can supply you with the appropriate advice and spotter if required.

3. Solids, fats, tar, chewing gum, oil, ointment and shoe polish. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife. These are extremely difficult to remove. Never rub cleaning products in to a stain such as these. Professional treatment of such stains is highly recommended in these situations.

Intensity of Soiling

Soiling occurs unevenly over the whole surface of a carpet, the intensity of soiling being directly related to the degree of use. Where foot traffic is funnelled into lanes, soiling will be heavy. Protected areas, such as under furniture, will receive little or no foot traffic. Foot traffic, the main form of use on any carpet, can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Heavy traffic – commercial environment: This includes shops, hotels foyers, restaurants, banks, busy corridors and parts of open plan offices, where there is continuous heavy traffic.

Heavy traffic – domestic environment: This includes landings and hallways, and any carpeted rooms in which an entrance is situated.

  1. Medium traffic – commercial environment: This includes small offices, conference rooms, and less well-used corridors, where there is either continuous moderate traffic or heavy traffic only at peak periods.

Medium traffic – domestic environment: This includes seating areas in main rooms (such as sitting or dining rooms) where there is intermittent heavy traffic.

  1. Light traffic – commercial environment: This includes hotel bedrooms, private offices, and boardrooms, where the traffic frequency is never high, even at peak periods.

Light traffic domestic environment: This includes bedrooms and other less frequently used rooms.

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